We Care about the Where

We love to shop, but we care about where our money is going. We often hear that shopping local is a good thing, but most people aren't entirely sure why. By giving guests the opportunity to shop cool local brands in equally amazing local accommodations, we're on a mission to support our local economy one purchase at a time.

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Here are Reasons Why Shopping Local Matters

  1. More to Every Dollar
    For every $100 spent on a local vendor, $63 returns to the local economy through local resources that local vendors use to support their business.
  2. $9.3 Billion
    That big number is the amount that would be put back into the economy if every U.S. family spent only $10 a month on local business.
  3. Going Green
    Over 1 billion metric tons of C02 are emitted each year through product shipping. Shopping local buys our planet a healthier future.
  4. Unique Finds
    With local products comes local culture that shoppers can't find anywhere else. 61% of shoppers buy local for a unique product selection, with 40% shopping local to support a small business.
  5. Power to Millennials
    Millennial shoppers spend nearly double on local, small businesses than Boomers ($85.99 vs. $197.32).

Meet Our Team

Founder & CEO
Jenna Anderson

I love shopping, but I also love the unique products local culture has to offer me while I travel. That is why I combined my background in Amazon E-Commerce and mobile app development with my love for travel and passion for helping other people. When I’m not working on Dweller, you can find me writing, refurbishing old furniture, and spending time with friends and family at the beach.

Vice President of Sales
Jodina Grande

I’ve worked with Fortune 50 brands across the globe, but my favorite brands are ones that I can find around my local area. With several years of experience in e-commerce marketing, I’m aiming to accelerate the growth of fantastic local brands through Dweller. Outside of work, I’m engaging with gaming communities and researching my next favorite workout.

Software Developer
Samuel Fatoki

I'm a software developer and tech entrepreneur building software solutions that bring meaning and value to people's lives.

Business Advisor
Mark Friedman

As the co-founder and president of Perfect Fitness and now member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, I have a passion for transforming organizations by challenging norms and removing barriers to innovation that create positive change.

Our values


Providing a sense of belonging, togetherness, and empathy with one another is in everything we do.


We aren't afraid to try new things, especially if those new things wind up helping other people.


Being ourselves in every situation, (no matter what room we're in), is the way we believe we can provide the best experience.