Supporting local businesses one room at a time.

We're going beyond the farmer's market to bring guests a unique opportunity to discover local brands.

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To 'dwell' not only means "to live in", but also "to think about." So we give guests the chance to live with and think about products in their rooms before they buy.

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Distinguishing brands that are local from brands that are from elsewhere isn't always easy. We aim to familiarize guests with local brands so they know that they're getting something unique.

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Do Good

Buying local strengthens local economies, creates more jobs, reduces CO2 emissions, and creates resilient communities, meaning one purchase goes a long, long way.

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How it Works

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Products are placed as they naturally would be in each room.

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Guests scan a QR code that will lead them to the available products in their rooms.

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Purchases will be sent to their home as a reminder of their trip!


Q: I'm a brand owner. Do I need to pay to be a part of Dweller?
A: Nope. With our mission to help local businesses flourish, we won't charge extra fees to be involved.
Q: I own an accommodation. Can I choose which products my guests can experience?
A: Your place, your space - we provide accommodations with a variety of products from local brands and allow them to choose what products best suite their rooms.
Q: Which Southern California communities can get involved?
A: Right now, we are connecting with brands based in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County, and Ventura. After testing, we would love to expand opportunities to more counties in the Southern California region. Don't see your county listed? Reach out and we'll get in touch when we're available in your area. Contact us.